- Thief II: The Metal Age Collection - Secret List  
This is a list of the secrets in the Mission "Framed" in the game "Thief II: The Metal Age" by Looking Glass Studios at

Secret List

This list contains all the secrets as they can be found in the version 1.18 of Thief II. Secret objectives -as far as they are known so far- are also included in this list. To enlarge the screenshots for a better view, click on them.

List of the Secrets in "Framed"

View ID Location Specifics Prize
lThe way to the Jail
1 Basement, NE From the central room in the basement with the rats and the pool of water, follow the tunnel that leads to the N. The last torch in this hallway can be frobbed. Your prize is the easy access to the Jail area.
The way in
2 Basement, NW From the central room in the basement with the rats, follow the tunnel that leads into the W direction. Once again, the last torch in this hallway can be frobbed. Your prize is the easy access to the western part of Shaolsgate.
Front Desk
3 1st floor, SW, front desk Under the table with the switches is yet another switch. Push it. Your prize are 4 golden coin stacks
Truart's Office
Truart's secret passage
4 2nd floor, Truart's office Frob the left statue next to the fireplace. A secret door inside of the fireplace will open. Your prize is a handy shortcut passage to the sparring area.
Sparring Room
The Sparring Area
5 1st floor, Sparring Room The torch opens the secret passage that leads to Truart's office. Rope arrow yourself on the higher floor, after you've frobbed the torch. Your prize is the shortcut passage from the 1st floor, S to the 2nd floor.
Target Practice
Target Practice
6 1st floor NNE, target practice room A bit of target practice is always a good idea. Why bother with the easy targets? Shoot a broadhead into the bull's eye of the target to the right, because that is the most difficult one. (Or go to the target and try to frob the secret switch). Your prize is the access to the armory, just E of the target practice room.
Warden Affairs #2
The Main Office
7 1st floor E, Main office On one of the pillars in the S is a switch which opens a passage to the hallway in the SE. This can also be opened with a torch in that SE hallway. Your prize is an easier passage to the barracks in the SE.
Records Halls
Passage to the Records Hall
8 1st floor E, Main office At the wall in the E is a switch. Shoot a rope arrow into the wooden beam at the top of the wall, climb up, and pull the switch. This passage can also be activated by frobbing the book right of the suspicious looking bookshelf in the S of the Records Hall. Your prize is a much easier passage to the Records Hall than the normal way in would be.
Warden Affairs
Warden Affairs
9 2nd floor SE, Warden Affairs In the N is a bookshelf with a frobable book. This opens the secret passage into the evidence storage rooms. This secret passage also can be activated coming from above, by frobbing a book in the room in the very S. Your prize is fancy shortcut passage into the Evidence Storage Rooms.
Dancing Zombies
Dancing Zombies
E Outside of Shoalsgate, at starting position Throw a scouting orb over the wall with the spikes left of the starting position. Your prize is a very nice view on two very nice... err... people.