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General information about Thief II: The Metal Age


Title Thief II: The Metal Age
Made by Looking Glass Studios
Published by Eidos
Went gold (completed) 2000-03-17
Country specific information 
  • USARelease dateRating
     "M" (Mature)
  • UKRelease dateRating
     Age 15+
  • GermanyRelease dateRatingSoundtrack
     Age 16+
     Special soundtrack by "Subway to Sally"

And it's still "Thief", not "Theif". :p

General hints


There is a patch out for Thief II: The Metal Age. It patches the game to Version 1.18, fixes some bugs and improves gameplay a bit. It's not too small (32.5 MB), but certainly worth it. You can download the patch here, and read about it here. The german version of the patch is available here.


The CD contains an older version of the Thief game editor "DromEd"; you can get the current version here. This is the version for use with Thief II V1.18. (You find more information on that here).

Basic features and items

Q: In the missions, I sometimes find the crystals for the elemental arrows that you mentioned in the "weapons" section. What do I do with them???
A: To make the game easier, LGS (the makers of the game) decided that you don't have to assemble them with other items or do anything else. If you find such a crystal and pick it up, you immediately gain a matching arrow. That means, if you find a blue "water crystal" and pick it up, the number of water arrows in your inventory increases. The same goes for fire (red), gas (white), and moss (green).

Q: If a structure is too high and the rope of a single rope arrow is not long enough, can I concatenate rope arrows or make the rope longer?
A: To the best of our knowledge, no. The length of rope (and vine) arrows is fixed. Arrows don't stick in ropes, so shooting an arrow into a dangling rope probably won't work. Try taking the structure step by step (rather, rope by rope) or find a different way.

Hints, tips and cheats


Skip Level

To skip a level, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+End during gameplay.

Disarming mines

The manual says that you can use lockpicks to disarm a live mine. In practice, you may find this a bit tricky. If you want to do this, be cautious - save the game before your first tries. Don't "frob" a live mine - that is, "use" when the mine is lighted like other selected objects. Instead, approach the mine slowly (possibly crouched) until it lights up. Now take one of you lockpicks in your hands and apply it to the mine like you would to a lock. Once you've got the knack, it ain't hard anymore.
Thanks to all those who wrote us about it.


Extra Money

If you put a line cash_bonus 500 in the file user.cfg, you get 500 additional gold. Replace 500 with the number of gold you'd like to get.
A line like this is already present and commented, so you just need to remove the ; at the line start to make it work.

Bug exploits

There is a bug exploit that doubles the amount of cash you get when finishing the mission. However, this is pointless, because a) there is already the extra money cheat, b) there is little use for the extra cash in this game - and c) you should be perfecting your thieving skills rather than manipulating the game. It's more fun :)

Bugs and Glitches

Floating doors

Sometimes, doors don't just open - they float away!
This is a known glitch that happens especially after you have already opened and closed a door several times.
You can't do anything about it - hopefully it will be fixed some time. But on the other hand, it sure looks fancy when both doors in the graveyard fly away at the same time, eh? :)

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