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Welcome, dear Taffer.

While the content of this site is still growing and updated currently on a daily basis, I am proud to announce that there are now complete Loot, Secrets and Equipment lists, additional to a FAQ about each mission for the first missions available. Click on the link "missions" below, and you can check these lists.

As for the Walkthroughs... yes, there will be some in a very close future. Sure, " just some" walkthrough can be written quickly and easy, but this site is dedicated to 100% correct informations about the game. So, I decided pro quality in this matter - I will write the walkthroughs as soon as I know that I have explored the missions completely and tested various alternatives for each little puzzle. As I am planning rightnow, there will be two walkthroughs on this site for each mission: one for the quickest way through the mission, and one which is definitely more detailed and possibly for the "lytha way".

So, stay tuned. :)

  - Lytha

We already have a high-quality Q&A, Loot, Secrets, Equipment for all missions online - place behind the "high-quality" an IMHO, if you disagree with us ;) - and are working on more stuff... especially the walkthroughs will take some time, so please be patient; we will answer questions in the meantime.   - GreyMouser


Thief News

  Because Tony asked, I put the guide of "Getting through a door by means of keyholing & rope arrow" online. It is some month old, and I did not bother to check grammar or spelling - it's what my notes usually look like, I guess.

  This column should be renamed from "news" to something different, hehe.

Anyway, there is something new now. A bit stuff about Spiders, and a few screenshots from my Dromed Project. Feel free to roam around a bit. ;)

  2001-11-09Grey Mouser  
  Just a tiny little new page with downloadlinks. Especially for the Thief demos.

  I'm still alive - even though that is nothing particularly surprising for you readers, I guess. I have decided that I can use a bit distraction from these stupid exams and so I might on occasion post something new from now on.

  Is Lytha dead?

No, sorry to disappoint, I am still alive but busy with that odd thing named "real life", and as it seems, this will not change for a while.

I do know that some people are desperate for loot lists and all that for the last 4 missions, but I have to confess that I did only touch Thief 2 once in the last half a year. I simply don't have the time for it rightnow.

For anyone who might be interested, my current advice for online gaming is Utopia. Maybe I will write a "how to get started" article (for faeries) in the future. :)

Try it out, if you like multiplayer strategy games in a phantasy setting!

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