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The Tools

This is a list of the different kind of tools (weapons and equipment) that you will encounter in the game.

Because the game shipped with a manual, so that everyone can read these informations there on his own, these pages here are of very low priority for me. So, a last warning for those people who enjoy pestering people with emails: if you decide to bother me in any way because of something I mentioned here one more time, then I will shut this entire section down and publish your email adress, your nickname, and all the other informations I have about you here, so that every friendly visitor knows who is to blame.

And no, there is no reason at all to tell me that you have found a wonderful new technique with some weapon, gizmo, or other equipment. These pages here may be finished one day, or not. This depends on how much more I get terrorized by the talkactive kind of the visitors of my site.

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