Thief: The Fan Made Project  

Thief: The FanMade Project

On 2000-05-24, we got very sad news. Looking Glass Studios had been shut down; out of a sudden for most of us. Bad news travel fast, and few hours later a large crowd of avid Thief fans gathered in the IRC on The thief series mustn't die, was the common opinion. If someone is stupid enough to close a company like LGS, we cannot trust the business people will save the day. So we would probably have to do something ourselves.
In this moment, the idea was born to make our own game. We would not get Thief 3 from LGS, we would not send Eidos all the money we did before. Somehow, we would try to make a First Person Sneaker on our own.
I was somehow chosen or elected to be coordinator of this effort. I started by collecting people, human resources. I asked to send me emails, describing what you are willing to contribute and what your knowledge of that matter is. I received many emails within few hours, and will need some time to read them all - let alone answering.
I am not sure yet what we can accomplish. Our resources are plentiful on one side, scarce on the other, where we would need it most. But that is not a K.O. - we will need to chose our goals accordingly.
Saturday, 2000-05-27, we have a meeting on the IRC again. I'll update this page a few days afterwards.
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