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Welcome, dear Taffer.

This is my collection of knowledge, lore, and minor scientific attempts about the game Thief - The Dark Project by Looking Glass Studios.

  - Lytha

In case you're looking for information on Thief II: The Metal Age, try this part of the site. :)   - GreyMouser

The Thief Collection

WalkthroughWalkthrough (Gold Version)
LootLootlist (Expert Difficulty, Gold Version)
"Lytha way""Lytha way" (Gold Version)
Thief 2 DemoThief II Demo (Hints, Loot, Walkthrough, Extremities)
FAQFAQ (General FAQ)
Newbies' CornerNewbies' Corner (Stuck in the game? Check here!)
SurveyThe 1999 Survey


Thief News

  Because Tony asked, I put the guide of "Getting through a door by means of keyholing & rope arrow" online. It is some month old, and I did not bother to check grammar or spelling - it's what my notes usually look like, I guess.

  This column should be renamed from "news" to something different, hehe.

Anyway, there is something new now. A bit stuff about Spiders, and a few screenshots from my Dromed Project. Feel free to roam around a bit. ;)

  2001-11-09Grey Mouser  
  Just a tiny little new page with downloadlinks. Especially for the Thief demos.

  I'm still alive - even though that is nothing particularly surprising for you readers, I guess. I have decided that I can use a bit distraction from these stupid exams and so I might on occasion post something new from now on.

  Is Lytha dead?

No, sorry to disappoint, I am still alive but busy with that odd thing named "real life", and as it seems, this will not change for a while.

I do know that some people are desperate for loot lists and all that for the last 4 missions, but I have to confess that I did only touch Thief 2 once in the last half a year. I simply don't have the time for it rightnow.

For anyone who might be interested, my current advice for online gaming is Utopia. Maybe I will write a "how to get started" article (for faeries) in the future. :)

Try it out, if you like multiplayer strategy games in a phantasy setting!
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