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This is an Q&A / FAQ for the Mission "Sabotage at Soul Forge" in the game "Thief II: The Metal Age" by Looking Glass Studios at

Sabotage at Soul Forge

Q: Where is the eighth signal tower, the one I cannot find on the map?
A: It's located directly in the northern apsis, at signal station B (where you used the guiding beacon).

Q: I still can't find all eight towers? Where are they?
A: Look at your map. The lowermost mark on the northern map has a "2x" to it; maybe you are missing one of those two.

Q: I found one set of blueprints that tell me that I need other blueprints for some "regulating round" device. Where do I find those blueprints?
A: With the first blueprint, you certainly found a little key. This opens boxes in the same room which contain blueprints for several devices.

Q: Is there any "time limit" per se that one must complete this mission in? Depending on Karras messages over loudspeaker, maybe?
A: This mission has no time limit, fortunately...

So, enjoy your night(s) in there. Don't forget to eat something here and then, though, and around 4:00am, it may be time for you to take a break for some sleep. I am talking about the strange thing named "real life" here. ;)

Q: How do you open the door to the Signal Room?
A: There are two ways to open this gate. Because I am very friendly and nice today, I post both.

1.) Approach the gate from the other side. From the room with the everlasting healing fountain, you can reach the northern apses on a higher level. Not high enough to reach the signal room, yet, but there is a way up. Use your wits (and your quicksave abilities) and jump to the next reachable area whereever you can. There are also ladders in some rooms to make your life easier. Once you've reached the very E of the apses, and you are on a very great height, it will seem as if you were in a no-way out situation. There, you should just look up at the ceiling, and use a vine arrow to continue. This long way leads you directly into the signal room.

2.) In the plans room is a secret switch in one of the windows, which opens the floor plate in the center of the room. When you hop into this secret area, you will not only find another exquisite example of Karras' writing style, but also a switch with a plaque amed "northern apse". Pull it, and try the elevator again.

Well, personally, I prefer the tricky way up. :)

Q: I cannot find that jumping puzzle.
A: Find the round room with a fountain between bay D and bay E,
go to the northern apsis from there,
you arrive on the second floor,
and the jumping puzzle will become obvious.

Q: Any way to get at Karras in his bunker? I tried many things, but none worked.
A: You would like to give him a friendly whack with the blackjack, eh? No, there is no way in.