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This is an Q&A / FAQ for the Mission "Casing the Joint" in the game "Thief II: The Metal Age" by Looking Glass Studios at

Casing The Joint

Q: Where is the secret staircase?
A: In the 2nd floor S, find the secret passage. In the E of this secret passage, you will find the library. Cross it (avoid the Apparition) towards the E and towards the "regular" way into it. When you open that door, you will see a clock infront of you, but when you fiddle around with the hands of the clock, nothing happens - yet, because a piece of the clock is amiss.

Q: Where can I find the parts of the clock to open the secret passage to the third floor?
A: Unpatched version: In the south of balustrade on the second floor (above the ballroom), there is a tool box with a chuckoo, which is of course an essential part of any self-respecting clock :)

Patched version (at least in Expert Difficulty): The tool box can be in any place of the ballroom, it seems (I will be more concrete here after some replayings). It is definitely an excellent idea to search the ballroom, before you trigger the conversation between the Mechanist Priest and the Guard of the front door.

Q: I've put the chuckoo into the clock. Now what?
A: After you've put the chuckoo in the clock, turn the hands to twelve o clock and wait a moment. Now a secret door will open. The way behind will lead to the third floor. And now you can, basically, shrug and leave the mansion for this time.

Q: I entered the third floor, and the doors slammed shut behind my back! How can I leave?
A: There is a switch at knee height left of the door. Pull it, and the door will open.

Q: How do I leave?
A: There are several ways; here are three:

  • Go into the entrance room, in the E of the house, hide in shadows and wait until no patroling guard is around. Shoot a noisemaker arrow in a far off corner, e.g. into the hallway in the W. The guard at the entrance will go after the noise arrow; now open the door with the square toothed lockpick (you may need to change the lockpicks) and leave...
  • Make some noise while on the balcony of the entrance hall, 2nd floor; when the entrance guard runs to your position, hop down and open the entrance door.
  • Frog eggs/grenades are useful for distracting or even eliminating the guard - damage dealt by frogs don't count as damage you dealt, so technically you can kill a guard with frog eggs without this being an official kill.
And the easiest way out (patched version 1.18 only): Enter the 1st floor of the entrance hall. Shoot a vine arrow into the wall in the E, so that you can mantle from it to the ledge there. Mantle up (the front entrance Guard won't even notice you there), bash a window, and hop out to the streets.

Q: I've been everywhere on the outside but I can't complete the "escape to the streets" objective!
A: Make sure that you are leaving the mansion in the E, not where you came in. In the unpatched game, you also needed to leave through the front door, not through any windows or other fancy climbing maneuvres.

Q: I cannot find the correspondence from Gervasious to the mechanists. Where is it?
Q: What's the deal with the ghosts in the library? Is there some way to put them to rest?

  • in lower level of the library, read the four books
  • open the secret door to the corpses by "frobbing" a certain book left of the secret door
  • apparition will vanish, correspondence karras - gervasius and another letter appears in the higher level of the library, SE
  • read the correspondence and the letter

Q: OK, I did all that, but still cannot find the correspondence - what is its location?
A: Check the very SE of the higher level of the library.

Q: I can't find the fourth book in the library. Where is it?
A: All of the books are in the lower level of the library. Search the bookshelfs, the table infront of the fireplace, and the window ledges.