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This is an Q&A / FAQ for the Mission "Blackmail" in the game "Thief II: The Metal Age" by Looking Glass Studios at



Q: I've been everywhere on the first floor and can't find a way to open the door that leads upstairs.
A: One of the guards has a gear with him/her you need to open the door. Use the staircase close to the kitchen, not the stairs in the entrance hall.

Q: How do I open the locked door to the 3rd floor?
A: Read the note next to the locked door. There you will find all necessary informations where Benny has lost the gear.

Q: There seems to be a confusion with my objectives. I still have objectives that I cannot fulfil. What went wrong?
A: At the stairs to the third floor, listen to the conversation. Then check your objectives; they will have changed. (If that doesn't happen, you've found a bug in the game.)

Q: I heard the strange footsteps and rattling of chains in the chapel. I suspect there is a secret around here. How do I get in?
A: Inside of the chapel, above the huge hammer there is a smaller hammer symbol. Hit it with an arrow, and you gain access to the secret.

Q: In the basement near the stairs that lead to the kitchen, I heard this strange noise that sounded like a woman groaning. I walked into an alcove where it looked like there was a pressure plate and as soon as I walked in there, it said I found a secret. Well, that's fine, but what did I find?
A: You've found the secret's exit, which also triggers the "secret found" display. The entrance to that secret is in the dining rooms fireplace. In the fireplace, you will find a switch.
We recommend saving your game before pulling the switch...
(This question was only relevant for the pre-patched game.)

Q: In the Haunt-underchapel secret, theres a passage to where you can see the she-zombie. What is that button for near the end? I found no use for it.
A: This button opens the metal bars, but only in the patched version 1.18 of the game. Before the patch, your could enjoy yourself with shooting broadheads at this button when you approached the bars from the other side.