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Metal asteroid amortization

Scanning for asteroids is pretty simple in this round of Planetarion. You can calculate the actual probability that a astroscan will succeed here; in general, the probability never drops below 30%. Since each astroscan costs 2000 Crystal, you get one asteroid for about every 6500 Crystal - at least. If you build wave amplifiers in a clever way, your cost per detected asteroid is much lower. (Again, use the calculator.)
The initialization however quickly becomes expensive. You may wonder when the asteroid will return your investment.
Well, it is pretty easy if you think about it, but to make it even easier for you, I put another small calculator for that here.

How fast is an metal asteroid amortized?

How many metal asteroids have you got already?   metal asteroids
The initialization of the next metal asteroid will cost you   2000 metal,
and you start benefiting from the asteroid after   8 ticks.
(That should be 8 hours or about 1 days, if Planetarion works right.)

An asteroid is "amortized" when has produced as much as it has cost you, and from that point on becomes profitable. This is also called "break even point".