Planetarion tools

AstroScans and Wave Amplifiers

This little tool helps you calculate the success probablility of your AstroScans in Planetarion. Enter the number of Asteroids and Wave Amplifiers you've got, and klick on "calculate". Probablilities above 100% mean certain success (almost).
If you want to calculate how many WaveAmps you need for the success probability you want, try this page.

Wave Amplifiers  
scan success probablility (official formula)   --%
scan success probablility (our current formula)   %

The formula is:

probablility = (waveamps/(asteroids*2)+1)*30

This is the formula fudge gave us.
From our personal experience, the real success rate is much higher than the official formula suggests. So we put our own formula here, too. You get both results and can choose which you trust more.