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Scan success probability

This helps you calculate the probability your Sector Scan, Unit Scan, PDS Scan, News Scan or Military Scan will succeed.
If you don't know the number of asteroids and wave absorbers your target has got, make a scan on it ;-).
No, really, make some guesses and see the results. The asteroids you can see from the galaxy overview of your targets galaxy. The number of wave absorbers you can determine with a successful PDS scan.

your Wave Amplifiers  
your Asteroids  
target's Wave Absorbers  
target's Asteroids  
scan success probablility   --%

Strange results? Well, this is the calculated by the official formula from the manual. It includes the updates Spinner made, and all further information we could aquire. If we get more information, we will update this page.
The formula for this calculation is from the Planetarion manual.